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A packed bowl really hits the spot after a day outside! This poké bowl with mango and salmon has a great flav
Posted 1 hour ago
Breakfast in a jar just makes breakfast feel more efficient! Peanut Butter and Jelly Parfait! This childhood f
Posted 1 day ago
I'm pretty much always craving ice cream in the summertime! Instead I whip up some simple blueberry nice cream
Posted 3 days ago
It's safe to say that this is one of my favorite meals of the summer (possible even the whole year?!) Vegan Sw
Posted 5 days ago
Summertime means smoothies almost every morning. A tall glass of berry mint smoothie goodness to make a workda
Posted 7 days ago
I always want pizza, and I always want toast, so... Pesto pizza toasts for dinner! It took me 10 minutes to ma
Posted 10 days ago
This recipe is a non-recipe. Lazy girl pizza salad is for when you want something nice to eat, but you just do
Posted 12 days ago
I'm in vegetable heaven... "Large Format Cauliflower" is what we're choosing to call this, because I told Bria
Posted 16 days ago
What a delicious (and messy) way to start the day. Nice cream sweet breakfast tacos with blueberry basil nice
Posted 19 days ago
Can't think of a more fun (funner?) way to start the day... These sweet potato toast breakfast bites are so ta
Posted 20 days ago
A nordic inspired toast ... This salmon salad toast brings me right back to Scandinavia. From the dill, to the
Posted 22 days ago
These are the best pre-workout, pot-workout or no-workout fuel! These cookie dough bites are only 3 ingredient
Posted 25 days ago
Sometimes it's just too hot to use the oven... A summer pasta salad with tomatoes, peas, spinach and feta usin
Posted 27 days ago
Caffeination + Breakfast in 1 bite? yes yes yes. Cinnamon cold brew overnight oats! This creamy, satisfying an
Posted 30 days ago
Last weekend's nacho spread was so dang good. These chipotle hummus nacho featured  homemade hummus, fresh ve
Posted 1 month ago
I don't know what it is, but eating something that's baby pink just makes me feel SPECIAL. This thick pink bow
Posted 1 month ago
This 3-ingredient frozen magic is my best friend this summer Say hello to Watermelon "Italian ice". It's froze
Posted 1 month ago
Let's be honest, when don't you want a slice of banana bread? Well, you're gonna want this chocolate almond bu
Posted 1 month ago
If your breakfast doesn’t feel like a party, then you’re doing it wrong. This raspberry and seed yogurt bo
Posted 1 month ago
Weekends are for tacos n frozen margaritas Made these salmon tacos with jalapeño sauce & purple slaw for
Posted 1 month ago
Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast?! Yes please! These nice cream and raw cookie sandwiches are vegan, raw, a
Posted 1 month ago
I think this is my new obsession. This vegan Thai peanut wrap is crunchy, fresh, nutty and spicy all in one b
Posted 1 month ago
Chocolate for breakfast? Duh. No better way to start off a day than with a bowl of chocolate chia overnight oa
Posted 1 month ago
Happy 4th of July! What better way to spend the holiday, then to make a patriotic pancake stack?! These mini p
Posted 1 month ago
I don't care how hot it is outside... I still need my roasted veggies! This bowl with curried chickpeas with c
Posted 1 month ago
These are by far one of my favorite treats It feels like I'm eating raw cookie dough when I bite into one of t
Posted 1 month ago
This, my friends, is how you Saturday. Veggie has with cashew cheese is the ultimate brunch item. It's hardy,
Posted 1 month ago
Pasta night is the best night. This fresh green pasta bowl has allllll the flavors. From the creamy goat chees
Posted 1 month ago
These refined sugar-free treats are healthy enough to eat for breakfast! Any time I feel like I'm eating desse
Posted 1 month ago
Saturdays are for pancakes .. matcha pancakes!! These matcha pancakes (V&GF) are stacked with homemade car
Posted 1 month ago
I thought there was no better thing than homemade nut butter... I was wrong. CARDAMON nut butter is next level
Posted 1 month ago
Eating the rainbow never looked so good! Rainbow Tex-Mex salad after a day of walkin' and bikin' round town. D
Posted 2 months ago
Oats topped with practically everything in the fridge is how I like to start my day! Threw this together the s
Posted 2 months ago
In this spinach pesto wrap, we've got roasted carrots, purple cabbage, mixed greens, tri color quinoa, hummus,
Posted 2 months ago
Granola is what makes the world go round! A bowl of freshly baked ancient grain granola, raspberries, apricots
Posted 2 months ago
A bright smoothie for a bright day! This is a typical morning scene for me, waking up early to stretch + whip
Posted 2 months ago