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Start your morning off right! Tuck yourself into one of these overnight quinoa porridge bowls and get all the
Posted 5 hours ago
Can't beat these grain-free baked chicken nuggets to satisfy that nugget craving and the healthiest of ways. W
Posted 1 day ago
Full of healthy fats and whole foods, these no-bake vegan vanilla tartlets are a refreshing cool treat. They a
Posted 2 days ago
This deviled egg recipe is creamy, tangy, herb-y and topped with a fresh, crunchy bread and butter pickle. Tha
Posted 3 days ago
Parboiling the potatoes breaks down the surface releasing starches that crisp up beautifully! You'll never nee
Posted 6 days ago
This sweet paste is symbolic during passover because it is meant to remind people of the mortar used by the Is
Posted 7 days ago
This method uses teas and herbs that I already had on hand in my pantry (Free!) and doesn't require simmering
Posted 8 days ago
This tender, melt-in-your-mouth brisket is classy enough for a seder, yet easy enough for Wednesday dinner. Wh
Posted 8 days ago
Instant Pot spiral ham with a spiced dry rub is the answer to your holiday oven space conundrum! Tender and ju
Posted 9 days ago
This green shakshuka is chock full of kale, spinach, english peas, and tomatoes with gorgeous simmered eggs ne
Posted 14 days ago
Brighten up your morning or liven up your snacking with these easy and delicious Strawberry Sunrise Bars. So y
Posted 16 days ago
Try this spaghetti squash chow mein and you may never crave the starchy noodle version again! Better yet, pair
Posted 21 days ago
This cauliflower rice grain-free breakfast bowl is bonkers delicious! Made with quick condiments you can keep
Posted 22 days ago
Try this crispy, succulent gluten-free baked orange chicken to please your toughest eaters!
Posted 23 days ago
We use gluten-free pie crust mix to make these gluten-free strawberry pop tarts with icing extra fast and easy
Posted 28 days ago
This creamy garlic sauce uses only 4 ingredients (including salt!) and blends up in snap in the food processor
Posted 29 days ago
Authentic Argentinian chimichurri is a sauce of beauty and a marriage of simple, but incredible flavors! Use i
Posted 30 days ago
Give your hummus a beautiful and nutritious makeover with this beetroot hummus recipe! Who doesn't love a viva
Posted 1 month ago
So simple, so quick, so flavorful! These pickled red onions add a spark of flavor and touch to any dish and th
Posted 1 month ago
More flavorful, nutritious and delicious than regular rice, this cauliflower rice is the perfect way to fulfil
Posted 1 month ago
Our vegan "cheesey" alfredo is a healthy sauce full of nutritious fats and crazy rich flavor. Try it
Posted 1 month ago
Let me introduce you to your new best friend. Conscious-eater, meet my mini "cheesecake". Have a bea
Posted 1 month ago
Get your dose of delicious omega goodness with this flavorful Miso Glazed Salmon. It's easy, quick, and oh-so
Posted 1 month ago
Crispy baked gluten-free buffalo chicken tenders shine in this crunch veggie salad. This recipe has got it all
Posted 1 month ago
These crunchy, super quick pickles couldn't be easier or more delicious! Throw them together in a flash and ad
Posted 1 month ago
Don't discard that extra sourdough starter! Put it to use in these incredible crispy and chewy pancakes. They'
Posted 1 month ago
These sweet, baked little rings of wonderful are pure genius! They have the perfect sweetness and texture pack
Posted 2 months ago
A classic butternut squash treatment with a new hasselback look.
Posted 2 months ago
A fizzy spin on a classic gin drink, this bees knees cocktail with honey thyme syrup and soda water is a refre
Posted 2 months ago
Healthy and gut-boosting homemade Jello gelatin will make the kid in all of us super pumped! Also makes Jello
Posted 2 months ago
This Dirty Shirley is the grown-up version of the classic virgin Shirley Temple made better with vodka! When y
Posted 2 months ago
This whipped cream and cream cheese frosting with orange blossom water is the PERFECT fluffy, rich, not-too-sw
Posted 3 months ago
The Silent Night is a delicious way to dress up your usual bourbon on the rocks! Benedictine and bitters make
Posted 4 months ago
This Instant Pot Pozole Verde with Chicken is quick and incredible! I use an 8 quart pressure cooker so you ma
Posted 5 months ago
I rarely make apple crisp, but when I do I want it to be packed with perfectly caramelized apples and topped w
Posted 6 months ago
Don't discard that extra sourdough starter! Put it to use in these incredible crispy and chewy pancakes. They'
Posted 6 months ago