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Sometimes you never knew you wanted to make something until you did. Soda crackers are like that. One of those
Posted 1 year ago
An old-fashioned Southern recipe, from back in the days when you made do with what you had!
Posted 3 years ago
One of the better things you can have in your life is homemade peanut butter fudge. Your family won't be able
Posted 3 years ago
A classic, old-fashioned roast turkey recipe. If you want to cook a turkey like Grandma used to cook, this is
Posted 3 years ago
An old-fashioned corned beef casserole that your grandmother might have made.
Posted 3 years ago
A great, simple, slow-cooked barbecue pork recipe which will leave your house smelling like Heaven for most of
Posted 3 years ago
One of the great mysteries around Kings Mountain, North Carolina back in the Peggy's Restaurant days was alway
Posted 7 years ago
This is a simple chicken gravy which goes great over dressing, turkey or chicken.
Posted 8 years ago
I fixed these for supper last week for Sherry and me! They were so good with Pinto beans and homemade biscuits
Posted 9 years ago
This chocolate chip cheese ball could be served as either an appetizer or a dessert. It's that flexible, and i
Posted 10 years ago
These deviled cheese puffs will not only be the life of any party, but the leftover filling makes amazing gril
Posted 11 years ago
An easy, no fuss crab dip recipe. Perfect for those times when you're in a hurry and want something that's not
Posted 11 years ago
A yummy cheese ball recipe with a twist. A great balance of sassy and sweet.
Posted 11 years ago
A terrific cheese ball recipe which features dried beef for that extra level of yumminess! A wonderful snack t
Posted 11 years ago
This sausage dip is really easy to make. It only has 3 ingredients, and you warm it up in a crock pot. How muc
Posted 12 years ago
A wonderful dip made with Velveeta cheese, spinach, and bacon. A great spinach and bacon dip for a football pa
Posted 13 years ago
This is a great holiday recipe, but spinach balls are a tasty go-to treat any time of the year. You won't be a
Posted 13 years ago