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With a few short steps you will have a delicious kale salad loaded with vitamins and minerals. Enjoy as a fres
Posted 1 day ago
Enjoy this bright and flavorful salad as a side dish or a light main course. This salad makes fantastic leftov
Posted 9 days ago
My quest continues to prove a plant-based diet can have it all. This nacho cheese sauce warrants that fact. I
Posted 21 days ago
Here is a spin on traditional tabbouleh, using chunky cauliflower instead of bulgar wheat. I find the crunch a
Posted 27 days ago
Vegans can have all the fun, and this recipes proves it. You will be amazed with the taste using all plant bas
Posted 1 month ago
Give this sweet almond chili oil a try to add some variety and spice to your toppings. As the oil marinates it
Posted 1 month ago
Salty sweet peanut butter and jelly truffles made with 8 ingredients, give this recipe a try tonight!
Posted 2 months ago
A scrumptious salad on an oversized chip, what's not to love? Great an appetizer or light entrée.
Posted 3 months ago
Tasty chips without the added calories of being fried. I don't think you will notice the difference!
Posted 3 months ago
This peanut sauce is absolutely delicious! Please see the notes below on how to prepare the tamarind paste ahe
Posted 5 months ago
If you need a plant-based substitute for cream or sour cream, these recipes are easy and will deliver in just
Posted 5 months ago
Here's a healthy spin on a timeless treat. Made with wholesome ingredients sure to cure any sweet tooth, choco
Posted 6 months ago
Smear this black bean dip on tostadas, spread on sandwiches, or serve with chips. Smokey spicy elements from t
Posted 7 months ago
This recipe is perfect as an appetizer or entrée. A vegan spin on traditional nachos, loaded with veggi
Posted 7 months ago
Sprinkle this topping on popcorn, veggies, pizza,'s the limit. I keep a jar stocked in my fridge a
Posted 7 months ago
Crunchy, creamy and comforting come to mind when I think of this chickpea of the sea salad. With the addition
Posted 7 months ago
A classic Indian snack, perfect to share over drinks with friends.
Posted 8 months ago
Tapas Time! I am not so secretly obsessed with Spain. It is easily in my top 2 favorite countries I have visit
Posted 10 months ago
Hot cashews- a great snack for one, or serve to friends with drinks or as an app before dinner.
Posted 11 months ago