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Story says that this dish from Marikina was originally created out of left over ubiquitous type of menudo from
Posted 1 day ago
I never had imagined a trained Le Cordon Bleu Paris chef would someday be following a humble home cook blogger
Posted 2 days ago
If you eat in a lot of carinderia then most probably you have tried this dish, some of them might serve it as
Posted 3 days ago
For most they won’t care what is the difference between Lo Mein and Chow Mein as they almost look the same,
Posted 6 days ago
I am not sure if this still happens in the Philippines but I remember when I was young when my mom buys a whol
Posted 8 days ago
Three simple ingredients when fused up makes this marvellous dish that is Chorizo and Broccoli Rabe, this is t
Posted 10 days ago
Pansate is a Caviteñean type of pancit which is similar to pancit canton but it is served in a savoury bed of
Posted 13 days ago
The most famous produce in Taal and its surroundings is Beef, tapa as we know is prepared with beef but this d
Posted 15 days ago
Bulanglang Kapampangan is the perfect marriage between meat and vegetables, it’s not as meaty as sinigang an
Posted 17 days ago
Tebasaki means "wing tips" and it usually refers to the part of the chicken used on this dish, usually it is p
Posted 20 days ago
Almondigas most probably would have originated from the Spanish dish called Albondigas which is basically meat
Posted 22 days ago
Tinutong na Manok sa Gata is a Bicolano dish prepared with native free-range chicken, young papaya, moringa le
Posted 24 days ago
One day I was thinking if burrito is just a beef and rice wrapped in tortilla then why can’t the usual break
Posted 27 days ago
Spicy Cumin Lamb Skewers also called Lamb Kebab or Yang Rou Chuan (羊肉串) is a simple chargrilled lamb keb
Posted 29 days ago
Ohhhhhh Bitter Gourd, its ugly, the taste, just the name alone makes a lot of people get their hands of it, wh
Posted 1 month ago
Miso Nikomi Udon is a type of Donabe that contains udon, chicken, kamaboko, mushroom, negi, deep fried tofu an
Posted 1 month ago
I am doing a lot of copycat recipes from the Philippine restaurants, I guess you know why? If not let me expla
Posted 1 month ago
I think one of my most common vegetable leftovers is cabbage. Since these things are usually large and not eno
Posted 1 month ago
I love oxtails, IMHO this is one of the best parts of the beef and it so underrated, if people just know the a
Posted 1 month ago
This will totally change how you look at menudo, all these times most of us knew that menudo uses the usual po
Posted 1 month ago
Giniling is a Tagalog word for "Ground" or "Minced" and that is the main ingredient in this humble yet delicio
Posted 1 month ago
Estofadong Pata is a Filipino dish of pork leg, trotters, banana blossoms, saba bananas stewed in sugar, soy s
Posted 1 month ago
The first time I saw this dish is from one of my favourite YouTube stars Sonny Side from Best Ever Food Review
Posted 1 month ago
Samgyeopsal, samgyeopsal-gui, or grilled pork belly is a type of grilled dish popular in the Korean cuisine, d
Posted 1 month ago
Italian Meatballs is already good as it is but making it better is not surprisingly hard, just add mozzarella
Posted 1 month ago
I guess a lot of people are afraid of making homemade noodle soups at home because there are so much options t
Posted 1 month ago
In Malaysia and Singapore this is called "Laksa Lemak" also known as Nyonya Laksa, basically a type of laksa s
Posted 1 month ago
Like many great recipes our post today was made by accident, a beautiful accident. One day our daughter was ma
Posted 2 months ago
Batso nga Tabungao is an Ilocano vegetable dish made with sliced bottle ground and small shrimps sautéed toge
Posted 2 months ago
Of all the Bicolano dishes that I tried this is the one that does not look like one as most of the Bicolano di
Posted 2 months ago
Posted 2 months ago
We prepared several simple dishes during the last couple of weeks and I wish to continue that trend, especiall
Posted 2 months ago
Majority of the Filipino dishes are created more for sustenance and necessity more than anything else hence al
Posted 2 months ago
The last time I was in the Philippines was last year but before that it was 2003 and from that time to 2018 a
Posted 2 months ago
One of the things we miss back in the Philippines is the variety of food that you can buy, while some of them
Posted 2 months ago
I guess many Filipinos prepare this on a regular basis specially those ones who are on a tight budget, if you
Posted 2 months ago