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Our dish for today was quite an impromptu one as it was Friday and our pantry was running low, we usually go f
Posted 2 days ago
The first time I was introduced to this type of bread is via a chain letter that is handed by your friends or
Posted 4 days ago
If you love congee, goto or arrozcaldo then this is a no brainer for you, an Indonesian Style chicken congee i
Posted 6 days ago
Pastitsio may look like a lasagne but don’t be fooled by its looks, it’s totally different to its Italian
Posted 9 days ago
Butter, Steak and Mushroom what more can you ask for, this is the trinity of appetizers, combining them togeth
Posted 11 days ago
West Lake Beef Soup is a Chinese soup dish named after a freshwater lake in the Zhejiang region in Hangzhou, C
Posted 13 days ago
Palitaw is a rice dish made with glutinous rice flour dough cooked by boiling it in liquid like water or cocon
Posted 16 days ago
Like our post two days ago the name does not really define what this dish is, like the Wedding soup where it d
Posted 18 days ago
Italian Wedding Soup may sound like a kind of dish that is served during Italian Weddings well it’s not, the
Posted 20 days ago
I still can’t believe that Anthony Bourdain is not with us anymore, he was one of my favourite Celebrity Che
Posted 23 days ago
Butternut Squash and Green Bean Stir-Fry is a simple dish of stir fried Butternut Squash and Green Beans seaso
Posted 24 days ago
Pho usually is prepared by meticulously simmering beef bones for a long time using like backbones and oxtails
Posted 25 days ago
Is it just me or does it also occur to you that this dish sounds like s beauty pageant winner? Mutya ng Pilipi
Posted 27 days ago
Latik is an ingredient used mostly to garnish Filipino rice cakes like ube halaya, biko, maja blanca and sapin
Posted 30 days ago
Plantain in dishes are common in Latin American cuisine like Columbia, Cuba and Puerto Rico, it’s such an ab
Posted 1 month ago
Nowadays you see a lot of Salted Egg used as a flavour on dishes, like crab, chicken, vegetables, waffles, eve
Posted 1 month ago
A close cousin to Kaldereta this dish that originated in Quezon province is prepared with Pork spareribs slowl
Posted 1 month ago
If you are looking for a simple side dish with your steak or grilled meat I guess nothing can go simpler than
Posted 1 month ago
Calandracas or Kalandrakas is a dish from Cavite that is nowadays prepared in many ways, the most common ones
Posted 1 month ago
Do you love the traditional bistek but looking for something new? This recipe might be for you, similar to th
Posted 1 month ago
This Crunchy Fried Shrimps is a nice beer match, a dish made with large shrimps in a slightly hot crispy batte
Posted 1 month ago
There are many ways for prepare a potato, fry them, steam them or bake them, while most of these are good I gu
Posted 1 month ago
Saucy Pancit Canton is a type of stir fried noodle dish served with prawns, pork and vegetables on a bed of th
Posted 1 month ago
Nasing Marangle is a beautiful concoction of bagoong fried rice, pinakbet and lechon kawali, a dish created by
Posted 1 month ago
Inun unan is a Filipino dish where fish and vegetables like okra, bitter gourd, eggplant and/or string beans a
Posted 1 month ago
Hi-Bol from the word "High Voltage", this dish will definitely shock your taste buds, sour and bitter soup bes
Posted 2 months ago
Hinalog na Manok is a dish inspired by three popular Filipino Chicken dishes, the tinola, sinampalukan and afr
Posted 2 months ago
Tostada is a Spanish word that means "toasted", in Filipino language it is called "tostado" a word to describe
Posted 2 months ago
Pasalubong is one Filipino tradition that I really like specially if you are the recipient. Well what is this
Posted 2 months ago
I love discovering Filipino dishes that are not popular or even unknown to many, and in my dire search for tho
Posted 2 months ago
Sinugba and Kinilaw is what Sinuglaw is, a marriage of two totally opposite dishes, both delicious in its own
Posted 2 months ago
At last I had a chance again to taste the food prepared by one of my great mentors in the subject of cooking,
Posted 2 months ago
If taro is used in sinigang why not other tubers like ube? In fact, after writing that statement it opened a w
Posted 2 months ago
Ensaladang Lato or Seaweed Salad is a type of Filipino salad prepared with Sea Grapes or Caulerpa, tomatoes, o
Posted 2 months ago
Sardines is a popular food item in the Philippines specially during my childhood, it is cheap, can be bought e
Posted 2 months ago
I know in the Northern Hemisphere its getting warmer and on my end, its getting colder so it’s a perfect tim
Posted 2 months ago