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Pinaso, a Bulakenyo dessert dish, originated in Mexico which dates back to the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade.
Posted 18 hours ago
Cha Gio is a type Vietnamese Spring Rolls that are either consumed fresh or fried, usually filled with meats a
Posted 2 days ago
Carne Frita is an Ilonggo dish prepared by thin strips of beef fried and drenched in a sauce made with soy sau
Posted 4 days ago
If you love instant noodles then most probably you have seen the Gomtang flavour, that golden packet with some
Posted 7 days ago
Pancit Bato is a type of Filipino noodle dish prepared similarly to pancit canton but the main ingredients are
Posted 9 days ago
I haven't made a cake for a while, the last one I made was last March and it was this Taisan cake, many months
Posted 11 days ago
It’s that time again where I have to use everything that was left over from the recipes I already posted. We
Posted 14 days ago
Tinadtad na Baka is a type of sinigang found in Sta. Rosa prepared with of minced beef and/or chopped beef sau
Posted 16 days ago
Have you used sweet potato on stir fries? Well I think for me this is the first time and I got this idea from
Posted 18 days ago
Two of the most popular and delicious Ilocano dish combined into one will definitely be a dish to be reckoned
Posted 23 days ago
Rujak means "mixture" or "eclectic mix" and this is what this dish is, a traditional fruit and vegetable salad
Posted 24 days ago
A lot of people don’t like tofu, my wife included, I do sort of understand them since tofu is bland and the
Posted 25 days ago
Adobo as most of you know is meat cooked in soy sauce and vinegar, but what if you removed the soy sauce and r
Posted 28 days ago
It is calamansi season again here in New Zealand and I got given a good amount of it several weeks ago, while
Posted 1 month ago
I love soups, I so love it for me a meal is not complete without it. Like vegetable dishes I am in constant fi
Posted 1 month ago
The last time I was in Las Vegas was the first time I tried Panda Express, before I just heard them and see th
Posted 1 month ago
Pakora is a type of Indian fried snack usually prepared with vegetables such as onion, eggplants, potatoes, pl
Posted 1 month ago
The last time I ate at iVillage we ordered this Malabar Prawn Curry and I am glad we did, it was one of the be
Posted 1 month ago
Originally called Kartoffelsalat, this German creation is now enjoyed throughout the globe. Potatoes were non-
Posted 1 month ago
It was a proud parent moment when I saw my daughter patiently makes her first macaron and she nailed it. It wa
Posted 1 month ago
Most of the times I am so organized that I have a shopping list based on the menu I will be serving at home fo
Posted 1 month ago
If you are a seafood soup lover then this one is for you, a soup dish filled with umami which will definitely
Posted 1 month ago
Stir Fried Fish and Broccoli in Mushroom Black Bean Ginger Sriracha Sauce is a Chinese dish of oil velveted wh
Posted 1 month ago
What's good with eating out is that you discover a lot of things, like this one for instance, I thought I almo
Posted 1 month ago
Kulambo is a type of netting placed on top and around your bed to ward of mosquitoes at night and have a good
Posted 1 month ago
Some call them chicken knee, some call it soft bones, some chicken cartilage but yes you had seen it right, it
Posted 2 months ago
Di San Xian is a very popular Shandong dish prepared with of stir-fried eggplant, potatoes, and peppers. The n
Posted 2 months ago
Like the song Hey Mickey this dish will blow your mind, while it may look complicated, this dish like any Fili
Posted 2 months ago
Palitaw as most Filipino's know it is a simple rice cake or what Filipinos called "kakanin" prepared with glut
Posted 2 months ago
One of my sources on unpopular Filipino dishes is this site called Glossary of Filipino Food, it is one of the
Posted 2 months ago
Kerala Fish Curry or Malabar matthi curry is an Indian dish where fish like sardines are cooked in a Kerala St
Posted 2 months ago
Have you been in a situation where you can only have one choice but you like both? I hard right but you can fi
Posted 2 months ago
A chocolate truffle is traditionally prepared with a chocolate ganache coated layers and cocoa powder. Most of
Posted 2 months ago
The Japanese and Filipino cuisine have some things in common, this is because of the Japanese occupation of th
Posted 2 months ago
Winter here down under is long gone but it is still a bit chilly sometimes, it’s supposed to be spring now b
Posted 3 months ago
During one of my most recent posts I disclosed where I got some of the special meat cuts I use on my posts, no
Posted 3 months ago