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I love using leftovers to make some sort of breakfast and I couldn't wait to make a breakfast tostada with the
Posted 5 hours ago
I've loved Chipotle's carnitas ever since the very first time I ate at their restaurant. To be honest, it's th
Posted 1 day ago
I've had a craving for Mexican food for a few days so I decided to make some tacos for dinner. When looking fo
Posted 2 days ago
I just gave our dog Grace her last dog treat from the freezer this past weekend so I made her a new batch toda
Posted 3 days ago
I picked up some butter lettuce at the grocery store with Korean lettuce wraps in mind but when it came time f
Posted 7 days ago
I was in the mood for baking so I surprised my kids with these peanut butter pretzel chocolate chip cookies fr
Posted 8 days ago
While we were in Idaho, my husband celebrated his 30th high school reunion with his old classmates. On our las
Posted 9 days ago
We had some friends coming over for dinner, and since it's been so hot outside, I kept it simple and did a big
Posted 22 days ago
It's been so hot here in Oregon that I have had absolutely no desire to cook any meals. We had friends coming
Posted 23 days ago
There was a big sale on cherries at my local store so I grabbed a bunch and surprised my kids with this cherry
Posted 24 days ago
Oh how I loved this refreshing cocktail! I really enjoyed the freshness the cucumber and mint added to this si
Posted 28 days ago
I saw a recipe on Pillsbury's website that sounded like the perfect way to use up the pizza dough I had in the
Posted 29 days ago
It's been so hot here and I haven't been up to making big meals for dinner. I wanted to make something easy an
Posted 30 days ago
My daughter loves radishes but the rest of us only like them occasionally. I had a bunch of radishes sitting i
Posted 1 month ago
When my mother in law found out I LOVED coconut she started making this earthquake cake for special occasions
Posted 1 month ago
We had friend's coming to dinner and we were celebrating their youngest son's recent birthday. His dinner requ
Posted 1 month ago
We arrived home from Idaho with a wonderful surprise sitting on my counter - two big bowls of freshly picked b
Posted 1 month ago
I love chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) but sadly I seem to be the only one in my family that does. I recently o
Posted 1 month ago
I've never made a white lasagna before but for some reason I've been craving one for awhile. I finally caved t
Posted 1 month ago
I love this salad so much that I couldn't leave any ingredients out of the title which is why it's so long. My
Posted 1 month ago
We have been eating a lot of salads with roasted beets lately and I have found that orange and beets go very w
Posted 1 month ago
It's been so hot here lately so we've been eating a lot of finger foods for dinner. I served these delicious c
Posted 1 month ago
It has been so hot here for the past several days, which means I don't feel like cooking much. I decided to do
Posted 1 month ago
The weather has been hot for the last several days and my strawberry patch continues to pump out berries. So f
Posted 1 month ago
It's the time of year that my dog Grace dreads. HOT summer days. Don't get me wrong, she loves playing and swi
Posted 1 month ago
I finally tried eggplant recently - I have no clue why it took me so long because I love it! The first recipe
Posted 1 month ago
I had some portobellos in the fridge that really needed to be used up so I went in search of some other ingred
Posted 2 months ago
I made some pork tacos for dinner recently and I thought it would be fun to do a different type of salsa. I lo
Posted 2 months ago
I absolutely loved this Mexican corn salad. The combination of sweet corn, salty cotija cheese, spicy jalapeno
Posted 2 months ago
My kids have 7 days of school left so I decided to make a special school lunch treat that I know they would lo
Posted 2 months ago
We had a nice first harvest from our strawberry plants so we enjoyed some of them mashed up with some vanilla
Posted 2 months ago
Jo Jo's take me back to my childhood. The first time I had them I was hooked! I am an Idaho girl so potatoes h
Posted 2 months ago
It's been quite hot here the past few days which always has me wanting something light for dinner. I decided t
Posted 2 months ago
You are looking at my new favorite appetizer. What's not to love about salty melted feta with sweetened roaste
Posted 2 months ago
When my husband recently suggested collard greens for dinner, I decided to finally try making smothered pork c
Posted 2 months ago
I was having a hard time coming up with something to make for dinner so I asked my husband. He randomly sugges
Posted 2 months ago