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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you... Here's to one of the easiest and creamiest {no bake} cheesecak
Posted 17 hours ago
This summer we took a road trip out West.  We visited the Sand Hills of Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.
Posted 2 days ago
Wow! Have I got a flavor-packed, delicious, quick and easy meal for you! Last night we had this tilapia sheet
Posted 4 days ago
August is here in a flash, and back to school is on the horizon... swimming pools just have a few more days le
Posted 7 days ago
A few weeks back I posted a recipe for a delicious Greek Feta Dip that I had enjoyed while at a neighborhood b
Posted 9 days ago
This recipe falls under the All Things Southern category.  My mother's side of the family grew up in Charlest
Posted 14 days ago
This recipe comes from my friend Tara; over the past 6 years she and her family have become a very special par
Posted 16 days ago
One of the delightful surprises of our new life in California is the cool, mild summer evenings. Even if the d
Posted 18 days ago
Appetizers, as I've said many times before, are just plain fun! Guests always feel special when there is a lit
Posted 19 days ago
Simple, creamy and refreshing are three words I would use to describe this lemon dessert.   Essentially it is
Posted 23 days ago
A dozen eggs have been only 90 cents lately at our local Aldi. Hurray! (Side note: does anyone out there love
Posted 25 days ago
Quick and simple--ready in a flash! Oh...forgot to mention delicious!
Posted 26 days ago
A few days after the 4th of July, the first signs of our local sweet corn stand were showing it was now open.
Posted 28 days ago
Peaches are becoming ripe and the locusts are singing...which to me signals we are on the downhill slide of su
Posted 30 days ago
I love a good antipasto platter for a summer appetizer. You too? Shelby always makes a great one with lots of
Posted 1 month ago
Strawberry Shortcakes I had to try out this recipe from Magnolia Table...I love Strawberry Shortcake.  It jus
Posted 1 month ago
When I think of appetizers I rarely think of sweet...however, this Funfetti Cake Batter  Dip has me rethinkin
Posted 1 month ago
Refreshing Smoothie Bowl A good friend introduced me to these refreshingly wonderful smoothie bowls.  I had o
Posted 1 month ago
It is hard for me to believe the 4th of July is almost here, where is the summer going?!?  It's one of my fav
Posted 1 month ago
A few weeks ago I got the chance to catch up with a dear friend of mine I hadn't seen in a few years.   In th
Posted 1 month ago
Quick, delicious, versatile and easy.
Posted 1 month ago
This fruit dessert is about as simple as they come.  (The minimalist wannabe in me loves it. 😀)  With fre
Posted 1 month ago
Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies What is it about a man and a cookie anyway?  Somehow, a delicious chocolate c
Posted 2 months ago
I enjoy a good salad, but these days with three young kids it seems like putting together a nice salad is low
Posted 2 months ago
The kids and I were in Trader Joe's a few weeks ago, and the sample was Spicy Mediterranean Pizza. It was pack
Posted 2 months ago
Light and fluffy batter. Delicious cookie! What more can I say?
Posted 2 months ago
Strawberry Mango Salsa One of my favorite things about summer here in Iowa is all of the fresh produce.  We s
Posted 2 months ago
The strawberries here in Iowa are really wonderful right now.   Large, juicy and sweet.   Every stop at the
Posted 2 months ago
This late spring weather here has been quite HOT - definitely more like mid-summer!  We've actually broken a
Posted 2 months ago
We had a lot of rhubarb desserts when I was growing up.  Mostly because my dad also had lots of rhubarb desse
Posted 2 months ago
This past Saturday was the first time that I have made chocolate covered strawberries, and I must say that I w
Posted 2 months ago
It's officially summer break in our neck of the woods, here's hoping my children will sleep in past 6am 😬.
Posted 2 months ago
The month of May sure has been flying by.  It seems to be one of the busiest months of the year with holidays
Posted 2 months ago
School is nearly out (in 4.5 days but who is counting? 😉), which means...Summer!    As a parent I think I
Posted 3 months ago
Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful, amazing Mom's out there!  Today is a day to celebrate the joy and
Posted 3 months ago
This Overnight Stuffed French Toast Casserole is sure to be a favorite!   Sweetened cream cheese, between lay
Posted 3 months ago