Old Fashioned Rice Pudding
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Rich and creamy old-fashioned rice pudding, lightly flavored with vanilla and nutmeg, and of course lots of plump dark raisins. Sometimes called Poor Man’s Rice Pudding, this version has no eggs and is slow-baked to create a creamy old-fashioned comfort-food. I remember my mom making rice pudding when I was a young girl. This recipe is as close as I can come to duplicating those memories in both taste and how my mom prepared it. My mom would make this rice pudding in the evening after dinner for a late-night treat. She baked the pudding long and slow as the rice soaked up all the sugar and milk, opening the oven door to stir frequently, and adding more milk as needed, with the top edge of the baking dish getting brown and crusty from the sugar and milk hitting those edges. Mom always made rice pudding with nutmeg and raisins, therefore for me that’s the gold standard.