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Behold the za'atar spiced vegan focaccia bread! This bread is soft on the inside, soft edges, and full of beau
Posted 22 hours ago
Easy to make vegan spinach and sun-dried tomato frittata! Vegan breakfast at its finest.
Posted 2 days ago
A simple kale salad under a beautifully creamy, dreamy mango vinaigrette. This salad whips together in a few m
Posted 3 days ago
These delicate lavender and rose kissed cookies will delete any tea party or cozy afternoon in! Simple to make
Posted 4 days ago
Beautiful, easy, Indian inspired curry dish that has warm and spicy flavors. Perfect for a winter evening, ser
Posted 4 days ago
Sweet and slightly spicy, this sugar-free anti-inflammatory smoothie is a great breakfast or mid-afternoon pic
Posted 11 days ago
Super simple, 2 ingredient vegan heavy cream alternative
Posted 11 days ago
Healthy, plant based quinoa stuffed red peppers. A beautiful side dish to any plant based dinner, this dish al
Posted 12 days ago
Celeriac, or celery root, is a highly underrated root vegetable. With a meaty texture and a mild flavor, you c
Posted 14 days ago
Vegan, gluten free, and only 7 ingredients, this healthy Baba Ganoush is a flavor explosion in your mouth!
Posted 16 days ago
A vegan Pumpkin Cranberry roll up cake thats easy to make and is done from start to finish in under an hour.
Posted 16 days ago
Everyone needs a good, classic chocolate chip cookie recipe in their arsenal. This recipe is plant based, supe
Posted 1 month ago
Quick, easy, and delicious plant based salad that will satisfy cravings and supply the body with antioxidant p
Posted 1 month ago
A favorite, daily tea regimen for gearing the body with powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. This tea works w
Posted 1 month ago
Jackfruit has become so widely popular among the vegan community that restaurants have started offering everyt
Posted 1 month ago
Hi, everyone! Do you have an event coming up and need to make an appetizer that will WOW guests? I have the pe
Posted 9 months ago