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Chocolate chip cookies with a splash of whiskey or bourbon added. I had to substitute agave for the corn syrup
Posted 1 day ago
A perfectly balanced brownie (not too fudgy, not too cakey) with a light textured chocolate buttercream frosti
Posted 2 days ago
Thick oatmeal raisin cookies with Indonesian cinnamon, raisins and toasted pecans.
Posted 4 days ago
Chocolate Topped Peanut Butter Bars
Posted 8 days ago
Frozen Chocolate Brownie Mint Ice Cream Pie
Posted 10 days ago
A thick, dark, carrot cake baked in an 8×12 inch glass pan and topped with cream cheese icing.
Posted 12 days ago
Feta and Spinach Stuffed Bread
Posted 16 days ago
A sweet and salty brittle using olives instead of nuts. Nuts may be substituted.
Posted 17 days ago
Lemon Pound Cake Made With Bold Yellow Cake Mix
Posted 19 days ago
A Dutch style apple pie with a crumb topping and Jonathon apples.
Posted 21 days ago
A classic American style yellow cake with chocolate frosting
Posted 26 days ago
An apple pie made with a mix of Granny Smith and Macintosh apples.
Posted 28 days ago
This is a cross between a blackberry cobbler and a pie. Because the pastry that goes with it is so rich and fl
Posted 30 days ago
Blueberry scones made with yeast.
Posted 1 month ago
Coconut & Chip Granola Bars
Posted 1 month ago
A chocolate cream pie with a topping of Irish Cream flavored whipped cream.
Posted 1 month ago
Dense fudge brownies made with Guinness Stout beer
Posted 1 month ago
Coconut cream pie made in little mini Keebler graham shells.
Posted 1 month ago
Chocolate Whoopie Pie recipe with a butter and marshmallow cream filling.
Posted 1 month ago
A scratch version of King Cake made with sour cream.
Posted 1 month ago
A scratch strawberry layer cake made with pureed strawberries and strawberry extract.
Posted 1 month ago
Scones made with instant lemon pudding mix.
Posted 2 months ago
Thick Sugar Cut-Out Cookies with Wondra. The flour and ground sugar give these and interesting dense yet crumb
Posted 2 months ago
Quick Coconut Cream Pie
Posted 2 months ago
A basic banana bread recipe that calls for sour cream.
Posted 2 months ago
A flourless chocolate jelly roll cake filled with cappuccino flavored whipped cream.
Posted 2 months ago
This recipe makes a relative small batch of luxurious chocolate truffles with a hint of Amaretto.
Posted 2 months ago
Black & White Cookies made with packaged sugar cookie mix.
Posted 2 months ago
Chocolate fiber cake shaped like hearts.
Posted 2 months ago
Girl Scout Trefoils topped with melted caramel and covered with melted chocolate. A sprinkling of sea salt or
Posted 2 months ago
A chocolate variation of Black and White Cookies topped with pink and white colored icing.
Posted 2 months ago
Black and White Cookies that are fat, puffy, and not overly cakey. These are supposed to be similar to Zabar&#
Posted 2 months ago
Super Bowl Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza doubles as a coffee cake and dessert. For best results, use Fleisch
Posted 2 months ago
Cakey, fat cake mix cookies topped with homemade chocolate frosting.
Posted 2 months ago
Dark chocolate cupcakes filled with peanut butter and topped with chocolate ganache.
Posted 2 months ago
A roll filled with ham and cheese.
Posted 2 months ago