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I wanted to make something quick and easy for dinner so when I saw this recipe for hot and sour soup on Gimme
Posted 2 hours ago
My daughter came home from school not feeling well today so it was a good thing I was roasting a chicken for d
Posted 1 day ago
These little beauties are a HUGE hit with my kids and husband. What's better than chocolate and peanut butter?
Posted 3 days ago
Mashed potato pancakes are always a family favorite in my house and a terrific way to get rid of leftover mash
Posted 7 days ago
Creme Brulee has been my favorite dessert for as long as I can remember and now it's one of my kids' favorite
Posted 8 days ago
I served this salad with our Sunday dinner and it was not only really pretty, it was REALLY delicious too. The
Posted 9 days ago
This recipe was the main dish for our Sunday dinner this week and it was fantastic. The recipe comes together
Posted 10 days ago
I splurged the other day and picked up some eggnog which is VERY dangerous for me because I love the stuff. I
Posted 13 days ago
Cold, rainy, and busy days usually have me making a big pot of soup for dinner. Yesterday was one of those day
Posted 14 days ago
My kids pack their lunches for school but seem to be in a rut lately. To give them a new option, I made this z
Posted 16 days ago
We went to a friend's house for dinner this past weekend and I was asked to bring a dessert. I decided to so s
Posted 16 days ago
For our recent pre-Thanksgiving turkey feast, I wanted to try a new stuffing recipe. After looking online and
Posted 22 days ago
I wanted to try a new turkey recipe this year so I went online to search for some recipes. I found an Alton Br
Posted 23 days ago
I have never made a sweet potato casserole before so I decided to give it a try for an early Thanksgiving dinn
Posted 24 days ago
This is the best cornbread I have ever made! Brown butter... need I say more? I made a batch of chili for dinn
Posted 27 days ago
I surprised my kids with these glazed apple cinnamon muffins after school and they were both thrilled. I found
Posted 29 days ago
I have always made sweet galettes using fresh fruit but this time I decided to switch it up and make a savory
Posted 1 month ago
Our dog Grace recently ran out of dog treats so my daughter and I made her a new batch this weekend from a rec
Posted 1 month ago
I love heading to the local farmer's market this time of year because they have the best assortment of mushroo
Posted 1 month ago
This is another recipe I am recreating from the weekend away with my sisters. While at lunch in Portland, we o
Posted 1 month ago
I have always liked the Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana soup so I started recreating it at home several years ago
Posted 1 month ago
I grabbed some different greens while at the farmer's market this weekend so I decided to make a simple vinaig
Posted 1 month ago
I have never liked gin so I don't ever really drink martinis. When my sisters and I recently went to Lincoln C
Posted 1 month ago
I wanted to make a warm and comforting dinner tonight to warm us up before Trick or Treating. I had leftover r
Posted 1 month ago
These tasty little gems are so easy to make and tasty AMAZING! I made these this afternoon and they were ready
Posted 1 month ago
I was trying to find something different for this week's school lunch treat when I stumbled upon this recipe f
Posted 1 month ago
I think these may just be my new favorite muffin. I loved the added depth of flavor and sweetness from the car
Posted 1 month ago
I've been thinking about making this recipe for a long time and I am so glad I veered from my regular acorn sq
Posted 1 month ago
You won't miss any meat in this vegetarian egg casserole filled with lots of veggies, potatoes, and Gruyere ch
Posted 1 month ago
For this week's school lunch treat, I made these peanut butter crinkle cookies. The kids were very excited to
Posted 1 month ago
My family loved the flavor of the meat in the Korean beef lettuce wraps so much that I used the same marinade
Posted 1 month ago
I had some extra ripe raspberries in the refrigerator that needed to be used up and some friends coming over f
Posted 1 month ago
Oh my! I can't believe it took me so long to think of this recipe. I love chicken parmesan and mushroom parmes
Posted 1 month ago
I made these eggs in garlicky tomato sauce with brie for my husband and I on this beautiful Sunday morning. We
Posted 1 month ago
The last few times I've been out to dinner I have indulged in one of my favorite drinks - a Manhattan. It's sm
Posted 2 months ago
We have all been fighting a terrible cold in my family so I decided to make some soup hoping it would help us
Posted 2 months ago